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The Diamond Museum is a must for everyone interested in diamonds and jewellery. Let yourself be enchanted by glittering gemstones and experience 400 years of diamond history in the only diamond museum in Europe.


You will be taken on a journey that began hundreds of kilometres below the surface of the earth and ends in the ring on your finger. Admire our wonderful collection of unique objects and crowns and learn about the magical world of diamonds.

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Diamond Museum Amsterdam

Learn about diamonds

Discover the characteristics such as the 4 C’s and become a diamond expert.

international crown collection
International crown collection

A permanent collection about the royal crowns from all over the world.

diamond gorilla skull
Diamond ape skull

The sparkling gorilla skull that is set with over 17,000 brilliant diamonds

building diamond museum amsterdam
Monumental building

Located at the Museum Square in a 19th century monumental building.


City of Diamonds

Discover how diamond factories such as Royal Coster Diamonds contributed to the development of the diamond industry in Amsterdam and how the city became the ‘City of Diamonds’.

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Diamonds in jewellery

Only the finest diamonds end up in jewellery. The designs are not only subject to the fashion through the centuries, but also the differences in taste per country or culture lead to variations in design.

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Special diamond objects

The collection of diamond artefacts is to call impressive at least. Discover them all, such as the diamond katana, diamond tennis racket and the diamond skull.

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The crown collection

Throughout history Royals all over the world have used crowns as a symbol of status. In the Diamond Museum Amsterdam, you can admire many replicas of crowns from the present and the past.

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Famous diamonds

Diamonds appeal to the imagination even more if they are exceptionally large, particularly beautiful in colour and finely cut, or if they were owned by famous people. In the Diamond Museum Amsterdam you can admire replicas of the world’s most famous diamonds.

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