Discover where and how diamonds are mined

It is assumed that the first diamonds were found in India, as early as 800 BC. And India remained the most important supplier until the 18th century. 


Since circa 1650, Borneo, where diamonds have been found from the start of our era, has been a supplier of diamonds to the Dutch diamond industry.

In 1725, diamonds were discovered in Brazil, then in Russia in 1829, in Australia in 1851, in South Africa in 1866, and in East Siberia in 1948.


At the beginning of the 21st century, diamonds are found in more than 20 countries throughout the world. Although not in the continents of Europe or Antartica. Of the total world production, only 5% is used for jewelry.  The rest is for industrial applications. Jewelry diamonds are cut in only a limited number of locations in the world.


1. India

2. Borneo

3. Brasil

4. Russia

5. Australia

6. South Africa

7. British Guiana

8. Venezuela

9. Congo/Zaire

10. Namibia

11. Tanzania

12. Angola

13. Ghana

14. Sierra Leone

15. Guinea

16. Chinia

17. Liberia

18. Central-African Republic

19. Lesotho

20. Botswana

21. Canada

Polishing centers

1. Amsterdam

2. Antwerp

3. Banjarmasin

4. Guangzhou

5. Johannesburg

6. Kota Bharu

7. Mumbai

8. New York

9. Smolensk

10. Shanghai

10. Tel Aviv

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