Families & Children


A fun day at the museum for the whole family


The Diamond Museum was created for people of all ages. Therefore, we also want to make it a joyful experience for everyone. 


The Diamond Heist


Unfortunately The Diamond Heist is currently under construction. We hope to have it up and running as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 


The door opens and you walk into a dark room. On the other side of the room, you see the biggest diamond you have ever seen. The lasers activate and the room fills with smoke. Your mission? Steal the diamond….

Visit the Diamond Museum Amsterdam and experience a diamond robbery in our brand new Laser Room. In an escape room-like setting, you have to manoeuvre yourself with acrobatic movements along the laser beams in order to get to the diamond to be robbed. If you hit a laser beam, an alarm goes off…. Do you dare?

Meet Sparkly


Hi! My name is Sparkly. I am the official mascot from the Diamond Museum Amsterdam. Did you know diamonds are super-duper old? They come from inside the earth. When mine workers dig the ‘rough’ diamonds up, they do not look like anything you see in the jewelry store.

Do you want to find out how ‘rough’ diamonds become smooth and sparkling like me? Do the scavenger hunt at the museum to find out! 

Explore the Diamond Museum together


For children ages 6 to 12, we have a special scavenger hunt. In this hunt you have to look carefully for clues. Every clue gives you a letter. Together, the letters form a word. After completion you’ll receive a nice present at our Museumshop.

While you are looking for next clues, the adults can take their time to look around. But you can also do the scavenger hunt together. Let’s find out which word I am looking for. 

The scavenger hunt is available at the checkout of the Diamond Museum and is € 2,- per piece. 

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