About the Diamond Museum: What to expect?

Welcome at the Diamond Museum Amsterdam

Monumental building

The diamond museum is located in a monumental building at Paulus Potterstraat 8 in Amsterdam at the Museum Square.

A Typical 19th Century Building

Unique characteristics

What better place to learn about history than at a building that is more than 100 years old. Discover all the old elements light stained glass windows and tall ceilings while you learn about diamonds.

Origin of diamonds

Mines and finding places

Learn about the origin of diamonds. Where they come from, how and why they are mined. Discover the entire process in a fun and interactive way.

Rough diamonds

How does a rough diamond look?

Almost unrecognizable, rough diamonds are often mistaken for rocks. They look nothing like the sparkling stone we all know and love.

The 4 C's

Determine the value of a diamond

Learn how diamonds are valuated by means of the 4 C's of diamond valuation. The 4 C's stand for: carat, color, clarity and cut. These four factors determine a polished diamond's appearance and sparkle.

The craft of diamond polishing

Tools from the traditional craftsmen

Over the years, the tool of professional diamond polishers improved a lot. Especially hundreds of years ago, it was extremely difficult to polish a diamond completely symmetrical. Fortunately, the polishers have their own set of tools to help them achieve this.

city of diamonds poster

The City of Diamonds

How did Amsterdam became the world diamond capital?

For more than 400 years, Amsterdam is known as the City of Diamonds. But how did the capital of the small country became the world's leading city of diamond polishing? The Diamond Museum Amsterdam takes you on a journey to explain how the Dutch diamond industry became a flourishing one.

diamond necklace on display

Diamonds in jewelry

Royals & jewelry

For centuries, Royals are famous for wearing the most extravagant diamond pieces. Explore our collection of Royals and their jewelry

International Crown Collection

Crowns & Tiaras

One of the most famous items diamonds are put into are crowns and tiaras. The second floor is dedicated to a special exhibition that focuses on crowns from all over the world.

diamond tennis racket

Art & Diamonds

Diamonds in everyday objects with a twist

Diamonds are often used in jewelry, but that's not the only use. We collected exclusive objects that are completely set with diamonds. The results are breathtaking.

The Glamour Room

How does it feel to be inside a diamond?

Ever wondered what it is like to be inside a diamond? The last room if the museum lets you experience this. It is the highlight of the museum.

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