Crowns through the ages


Throughout the centuries, Royals around the world have used crowns as symbols of status. Depending on the cultural values and wealth of a community, each crown has a unique appearance: from rich, diamond-encrusted royal masterpieces to simple variants with effective decoration. But why are there so many different types of crowns and when are they used? Discover the answer to these and many other royal questions in the crown exhibition of the Diamond Museum Amsterdam.


With a unique collection of crowns, the exhibition tells the special history of the crown. It dwells on its appearances, function and use. Thus, each crown has its own value and meaning. Depending on the desired image that should be radiated, they are decorated with images of, for example, animals, celestial bodies or symbols of worldly or religious power.

From bead to diamond

In addition, of course, the taste of both the wearer and the maker has an important role. Originally, beads, shells, feathers and skins were the main components for crown decoration. Over time, however, precious metals and gemstones were used in many countries – with diamonds being the most desirable!

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