Crowns throughout history

The crown as an expression of dignity has been found in many cultures throughout the ages. They are often used for coronation (investiture), weddings, funerals, military displays and religious or other ceremonies. The shape of a crown and the material from which it is made is closely linked to what is considered special or valuable in a particular culture.


Depending on the type of dignity that was to be emphasised, images of animals, celestial bodies or symbols of worldly or religious power, among others, were used. Originally, beads, shells, feathers and skins were the main decoration of the crown, but also forms from nature such as the sun, moon, stars, flowers and animals were used. In the course of time, precious metals and stones became the main materials for the manufacture of this symbol of power and dignity in many countries – with diamonds being the most desirable!


Below you will find several unique objects from our crowns collection.

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