Welcome to the Diamond Museum.


We would like your time in the Diamond Museum to be as pleasant as possible. During your visit, we ask you to keep these rules in mind, for your own sake and for other visitors.



The Diamond Museum has lockers where you can leave your coats, small bags or backpacks. You may keep your coat and handbag with you, but backpacks must be left in a locker. You can leave suitcases, umbrellas, other travel bags, prams, baby carriages and buggies in the cloackroom at own risk.



The Diamond Museum is not accessible for visitors with disabilities.


Taking photographs and filming

Photographs, videos, and film footage may be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Please share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook


Journalists, bloggers, and vloggers

Are you a journalist or blogger, and would you like to take photographs or film? Please contact the Marketing & Communication department:



Be considerate of other visitors by switching your telephone to silent.


Food and drink

It is not allowed to eat or drink inside the Diamond Museum


No smoking

Smoking is prohibited inside the Diamond Museum



Pets are not permitted inside the Diamond Museum


Video surveillance

Camera surveillance is in operation at the museum, subject to the relevant legal provisions regarding privacy.


Other information

The museum is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of personal property.

Kindly refrain from touching the exhibits.

No running or shouting.

All facilities in the Diamond Museum are always to be used at your own risk.

We would like everyone to have a pleasant visit. Visitors who do not respect our rules may be asked by a museum staff member to leave the building.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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