Diamond fluorescence

Diamond fluorescence refers to the diamond tendency to disperse a soft bluish glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.  “A diamond should not have strong fluorescence.” That’s what is often claimed by many diamond experts. However, we have got to be careful with this statement: faint or moderate fluorescence does not affect the diamond’s look, which is proved by a GIA study. Moreover, some customers even prefer a faint fluorescence, because it balances the yellow color of some of the less expensive stones.

What is diamond fluorescence?

Diamonds have many properties and characteristics. The natural blue fluorescence is one of them. When gem-grade diamonds are exposed to ultraviolet light, electrons in the diamond crystal excite and a bluish glow can be visible. This phenomenon occurs in a third of all gem-grade diamonds.
The fluorescence is only visible under the black light while recent (GIA) studies have proved that it doesn’t influence the appearance of the diamond. In earlier times people didn’t even want to buy diamonds with fluorescence. While they were a trend in the fifties under the name “blue-white diamonds”, demand dropped in the seventies.

Diamonds with fluorescence can change the diamond color sometimes because the UV radiation is also a component of daylight and is present in the fluorescent place. Note that the blue shine is often desirable – it makes yellow diamonds whiter.

The effect on the diamond value

You can find the ‘fluorescence indication’ – inert, faint, negligible, medium – on different diamond reports such as the GIA diamond reports. Diamonds with a strong fluorescence are priced lower than diamonds without fluorescence.
In general, diamonds with colorless grades (D-E-F) or near-colorless grades (G-H-I-J) are cheaper when they disperse fluorescence. Faint yellow grades (K-L-M) are higher in price when exhibiting fluorescence.

However, it is often said that fluorescence has a negative impact on colorless diamonds and a positive impact on faint yellow diamonds, you don’t have to influence your choice too much based on this information.

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