Unusual diamond colours for unique diamond jewelry

Only absolutely perfect diamonds are flawless, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most valuable. Some diamonds have a very intense colouring that makes them far more unique than an ‘ordinary’ diamond.

Diamond colours have a wide range from light blue to dark red. Of all the diamond colours, red is the rarest and therefore also the most expensive kind. On the other hand, you have light yellow and light brown that are common ‘flaws’ for white diamonds and are therefore seen as less valuable.

Pink diamonds as a fashion statement

Some diamond colours get more valuable based on fashion trends. For example, pink diamonds saw their demand skyrocket after Jennifer Lopez received a pink diamond engagement ring. Of course, that’s not the only reason, pink diamonds are simply fabulous. 

Green diamonds for radiating beauty

Green diamonds get their colour from radiation. The intensity of the colour depends on the kind, quantity and intensity of the radiation. Don’t worry though; they’re quite safe when they’re close enough to the surface to be dug up.

Black diamonds

Sometimes an outfit just won’t match well with a bright piece of jewelry. Black diamonds are a perfect option then. Although they don’t have the same dazzling look, they do have more mystery and draw extra attention to the diamond cut. Just make sure you buy a good quality diamond, otherwise, a black diamond won’t sparkle at all which might be a bit dull.

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