A rare blue diamond: The Heart of Eternity

Perfect blue diamonds are very rare. Most of the time they have some sort of imperfection like a white side or gray and/or black undertones. One of the most well known perfect blue diamonds is the Heart of Eternity. Its perfection granted it a place in the De Beers Millennium Jewels collection, which featured 10 of the most exquisite blue diamonds in the world.

Heart of Eternity diamond features:

The origin of the Heart of Eternity

The Heart of Eternity was found in the South African Premier Diamond Mine, which is the largest supplier of blue diamonds in the world. Don’t be fooled though, only 0.1% of their total production consists of blue diamonds which equals about one blue diamond each year.

The honour of cutting this diamond into its current form befell the Steinmetz Group. They owned this precious blue diamond before selling it to the De Beers Group. The Heart of Eternity was first unveiled to the public in January 2000 as part of the aforementioned De Beers Millennium Jewels collection. 

The current owner of the Heart of Eternity

Millions of people were able to admire the diamond at the exhibition and later in the Smithsonian Museum. During its stay at the Smithsonian, it was noted to be on loan from a private collector. This of course fuels speculation that it was sold during the De Beers exhibition in the Millennium Dome in London.

Blue diamonds take six spots in the top ten most expensive coloured diamonds. Values are as high as 550.000 USD to 580.000 USD per carat, likely making the Heart of Eternity one of the most expensive diamonds ever sold.

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